About The Game

Avorion - A Space Sandbox Game

Avorion is a sandbox multiplayer game where you find yourself in a sci-fi galaxy, far far away from the milky way. You can explore this galaxy, build your own space ships and stations and get to know other people who do the same.
You can mine asteroids to collect money, which you will then use to build your own ships.
There are other ways to gain credits, too: You can trade with other players (or AI) or destroy and loot ships controlled by evil races or pirates!
Everything in this game will be made of blocks of different sizes, this way it is easy to build your own space ships as you wish, and even generate them randomly for infinite possibilities!

For the release of the game or mainly beta/alpha versions of it, there will be absolutely NO monthly fees or anything like that. I want this game to be fun, and I want a lot of people to play it!
The servers can be started, handled and administrated by yourself, so you can play with your friends or start a big public server just as you wish.
Although, As the development process continues, I'm thinking of maybe a small price for a copy of the full version of the game (around 5 Euros), but that's really not carved in stone!
Well, as soon as there are actually any copies of the game at all, of course. But I'm doing my best! Promise!