Avorion Demo

64bit Windows Demo

64bit Ubuntu Linux Demo

Demo Features:

  • The complete Building Mode (but not all blocks)
  • Creative Mode
  • Super Action Mode
  • Combat and NPC pirate attacks
  • Multiplayer
  • Chainguns, Lasers and Mining Lasers
  • Trading
  • Mining

By downloading these archives and setups you agree to the Terms of Use. Be sure to read them carefully.


The game consists of a client and a server, and as the singleplayer starts a local server and connects to it, don't be surprised when it asks you to grant "AvorionServer.exe" access to the network.

Some Common Issues:

"Error starting Singleplayer"

Your virus scanner might be blocking/deleting AvorionServer.exe. To resolve this, add the AvorionDemo installation folder to your virus software's exceptions and reinstall the game into that folder.

"This Server Is Private"

1. Make sure that AvorionServer.exe is NOT running (kill it with task manager or reboot)
2. In the game settings, change your player name to a name that is accepted by the game
3. Delete all your galaxies
4. Start a new galaxy (at this point it should work)
5. If you get the error again, exit the game, make sure to kill AvorionServer.exe again
6. After you're absolutely sure that no more Avorion or AvorionServer is running, go to the Troubleshooting Board and post your issue there, including all the logfiles. See this thread on how to find your logfiles. We respond in a matter of hours if we're not sleeping.


Should you run into trouble installing Avorion on linux, then check this article in the Wiki. Avorion is officially only for Ubuntu Linux, but it's definitely possible to install it on other distributions, too.

These are unfinished beta versions, work in progress. They might and will most certainly contain bugs.
Please tell us about the bugs so we can get rid of them.