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Beta Branch Patch 0.19.0 Patchnotes - System Upgrades

Beta Branch Note: These changes are currently available on the beta branch. The beta branch is for testing experimental changes and for finding and fixing errors.

This is how you get access to the beta branch (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK):
Right-Click on Avorion in your Steam list, Properties -> Betas -> Select branch 'beta'.

"We added a second gate-system for better fast-travel, that also allows gate travel of larger ships. Upgrades can now be installed permanently for improved stats. Most upgrades get a stats-bonus of about 50% for permanent installation."
  • Added a new ancient gate system for easier fast-travel
    • Ancient Gates have to be activated before they can be used
    • Ancient Gates are a lot bigger and can lead a lot farther than normal ones
  • Upgrades can now be installed 'permanently' for additional bonuses
    • They can only be removed safely near Equipment Docks (3km distance)
    • Upgrades are now displayed with a little anchor when they're permanently installed
    • They can still be removed anywhere else by destroying them
  • Color of entire ship can now be changed in building mode
  • Shot color can now be set for turret designs
  • Salvaging and Mining AI sends a message if there is nothing to mine or salvage in the sector
  • Increased upscaling of Xsotan damage in the center from up to 600% to up to 800%
Xsotan Artifacts
"We reworked the Xsotan artifacts to give them a more meaningful way of how they work."
  • Swoks Upgrade gives +10 military turrets
  • Researched teleporter key gives +8 arbitrary turrets
  • Teleporter key by the merchant gives +10 unarmed turret slots
  • Energy Lab upgrade gives massive energy boosts
  • Smuggler Upgrade gives massive hyperspace boosts
  • AI upgrade makes turrets and fighters no longer require gunners, miners or pilots
  • Upgrade dropped by the four gives bonuses to nearly everything
  • Haati upgrade is now an activation key for ancient gates
  • Xsotan teleporter key upgrades are now considered unique and each one can only be installed once in the same craft
  • Xsotan upgrades DON'T have to be installed permanently to work with the teleporter!
  • Renamed (Un)armed turrets in upgrades to (Un)armed turret slots
  • Reduced "tackiness" of frames in UI grid selections
  • Clients are now notified internally when an alliance is disbanded
  • IPs for public test server(s) are now downloaded and saved locally to keep them up to date
  • Cleaned up code for window for joining via IP
  • Blueprints for fighters can now be removed from Hangar Tab
  • Color can now be changed in whole ship modification window
  • Added loading screen tips for shields
Scripting API
  • Added ShadingType enum for block shading types
  • Added getting entities by script to ClientSector
  • Added missing TurretBases enum to ScriptComponentTypes
  • Added PlanMesh component
  • Added ReadOnlyTooltip, ReadOnlyScriptUI, ReadOnlyIcon and ReadOnlyPlanMesh to client script API
  • Extended ShipSystem to support permanent installation features
"Bugfixes marked with [UBR] are bug reports that we received from users. Thanks for reporting everyone and keep up the good work!"
  • [UBR] Fixed securing values resetting all script values to nil when another script crashes the VM
  • Fixed a crash when flying through gate while having it selected
  • Fixed a performance issue when loading data from disk
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where dragging fighter blueprints lead to squad fighters being deleted
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where switch to sector wouldn't place players into their alliance ships
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where players would start out with mining lasers that would consume massive amounts of energy
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where Xsotan Fighters were depicted as neutral even though they were already attacking
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where Xsotan Fighters weren't attacked by PDCs
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue with the calculation of DPS for overheating weapons

Combat Update II now live!

Turret Building now live on the stable branch
Great news! The combat update part II is now live on the default branch! With this update we're introducing the new Turret Building Mode, which allows you to build your own turret designs. Turret designs will be purely aesthetic, for balancing & time reasons.

You can now use turret bases to build a turret design for your ship. Those turret designs can be saved & shared on the Steam Workshop just like normal ship designs.

Coaxial Weapons
Coaxial weapons now found their way into Avorion! Weapons that require 5 or more slots will now be considered coaxial weaponry. Those only look in a single direction and cannot turn.

They also deal 3 times the damage of their 5-Slot equivalent non-coaxial turret counterpart.

Collision Damage Rework
Collision damage got a revamp in this update: Instead of applying all inflicted damage to blocks AND main HP, collision damage now spreads through the ship, and only damages main HP as much as it would damage blocks. So when you just slightly graze an asteroid you're ship won't blow up immediately any more.

Different kinds of blocks also absorb a portion of their HP in collision damage, for example armor. A block with 100 hp will negate 75 hp of collision damage, so armor will be perfect against collision damage.

Bugfixes and Polishing
We also fixed tons and tons of bugs & crashes in this update. Thanks to everybody who reported issues!

There were also several adjustments to balancing and some polishing, which you can all find in the patchnotes of the previous releases:
Have Fun!

Beta Branch Patch 0.18.3 Patchnotes

Beta Branch Note: These changes are currently available on the beta branch. The beta branch is for testing experimental changes and for finding and fixing errors.

This is how you get access to the beta branch (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK):
Right-Click on Avorion in your Steam list, Properties -> Betas -> Select branch 'beta'.

  • Reworked upscaling of Xsotan dmg, now linear and no longer dependent on player ships
  • Improved Valuables Detector-upgrade (shows an icon on the top of the screen when things were detected)
  • Keybindings are now visible in fighter control tooltips
  • Added Icons for Saved Designs Window
  • Added a button to browse Steam Workshop
  • Added suggestions for tags when uploading to steam workshop
  • Added checks for mismatched or missing tags
  • Implemented weak auto-selection of objects under cursor
    • No matter what you selected, you can always see the HP of the ship you're hovering the mouse over
    • When you don't have anything else selected, you can interact and see infos about the object you're hovering the mouse over
  • Collision Damage Reduction is displayed in block tooltip on the bottom right
  • Added a checkbox for highlighting placed turrets on craft
  • Improved error message for not being able to repair (due to damage) while paused
  • Fixed FighterFactory not showing plans correctly
  • Player can't select his own ship any more while in mouse-steering mode with mouse hidden
  • Added debug-logging for moving entities between sectors
  • Added debug output to find errors in repairdock
Scripting API
  • Added missing Entity():setToFlyToLocation to lua api
  • Added HighResolutionTimer class for microsecond accuracy
  • Added spawning of select system upgrades to entitydbg.lua
  • Added a "onShipChanged" client callback for ship change
  • Added a few script API clarifications
  • Added SavedDesignsSelection class
  • Added several DesignSelectionItems classes
  • Added type getters to DesignSelectionItems
"As usual, User Bug Reports are marked with [UBR]! Thanks to the community for reporting and keep it up!"
  • Fixed several potential crashes in TurretAI
  • Fixed a crash when a TCP connection starts receiving before its communicator is initialized
  • Fixed a few crashes when a UDP connection starts receiving before its receivers are done with their constructors
  • Fixed crashes in Intersection when objects without plans are intersected
  • Fixed crash in Multiline TextBox when Ctrl-V from SDL2 fails
  • Fixed crash in Normal TextBox when Ctrl-V from SDL2 fails
  • [UBR] Fixed turrets not appearing for updates in Workshop Window
  • [UBR] Fixed pirates not having crew, which slowed them down a lot
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where normal turrets weren't removed when switching to a coaxial design and vice versa
  • [UBR] Fixed Ship Problems UI not updating when minimum crew of ship changes
  • [UBR] Fixed turret deactivation not respecting amount of turret slots
  • [UBR] Fixed damage numbers showing behind camera
  • [UBR] Fixed various menus, icons and scripts not registering when swapping ship systems
  • [UBR] Fixed priority ui element handling with scrolling
  • [UBR] Fixed ComboBox not being scrollable when placed in ScrollFrame
  • [UBR] Fixed Block Size Window now allowing commas
  • [UBR] Fixed broken cargo, hangar & torpedo space calculation
    • This can, in theory, lead to some vessels losing cargo, hangar & torpedo space because we had bugs that added too much cargo space!
  • [UBR] Fixed a glitch that allowed people to hire endless captains
  • [UBR] Reverted placing players next to their ally's home sector, since that lead to various other errors
Hotfixes 2018-09-12
"Some fixes that will be going live during September 12th."
  • [UBR] Fixed turrets that use up multiple kinds of slots not being able to fire
  • [UBR] Fixed controls not being able to be unbound with Escape key
  • [UBR] Fixed player ship being auto-selected when it shouldn't be
  • [UBR] Fixed player ship not being selectable when it should be
Hotfixes 2018-09-14
"Some fixes that will be going live during September 14th."
  • [UBR] Improved parts of German localization
  • [UBR] Fixed some crashes in valuables detector upgrade
  • Fixed crashes when registering boss health or ship problems while scene deconstructs
  • [UBR] Fixed switching sectors triggering messages for destruction
  • [UBR] Fixed blueprints not being able to be removed from Hangar Tab
  • [UBR] Fixed switch to sector not placing players into their alliance ships
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash when select-button was put onto another button than middle, left or right mouse

News: We're back from Gamescom!

Hi everyone,

We're back from Gamescom and the dust has finally settled! It was tons of fun :D Thank you to everyone who stopped by, it was absolutely amazing to meet so many fans!

Now that we're back we already started working hard. After a few more bug fixes (thanks to all of you who keep reporting those buggers) we'll transfer the current beta branch to the default branch! This means better end-game enemy scaling, turret building and a lot of other improvements will be playable for everyone soon :)

The next update for the beta branch is already in work as well: We're reworking System Upgrades somewhat. You'll be able to optionally permanently install upgrades to ships and receive nice bonuses for that! In addition to that, the Xsotan upgrades will get some more love as well. We're specializing them some more depending on which boss dropped them. Sneak Peak:

Have a nice day!

Release moved to Q2 2019

Release moved to Q2 2019

Hey guys,

I hate being the bearer of bad news, but I have to tell you that we've decided to move the release of Avorion to Q2 2019. I don't think that we'll be able to release the game in the next few months, since we've already entered Q3 2018.

We think that you'd all rather have a finished game that takes longer to make and is more polished than something that was rushed to release. We want to make this game as good as it deserves to be, and for that we need more time. We have been underestimating the amount of work required for some of the last updates, for example the turret building update (Combat Update pt. II), which required a complete internal overhaul of the editor, or the Alliances Update, for which we had to redesign our entire internal databases.

In the future there will be fewer updates that will have such a deep impact in the bowels of the code, and more content-focused updates. We have been restructuring the code for future content and features in mind that we've planned for the game. So we're confident that we'll be able to release the game in Q2 2019, with all the features and content that we envisioned in the game.

Upcoming Updates
There's also good news: Update 0.18.2 is doing well on the beta branch and we'll soon set it live on the stable branch!

In addition to that, we've got another update concerning system upgrades in the making, and it's basically ready to be released on the beta branch! Since our upcoming updates are all more content-focused, you'll see more and more updates very soon.

All the best,

Beta Branch Patch 0.18.2 Patchnotes

Beta Branch Note: These changes are currently available on the beta branch. The beta branch is for testing experimental changes and for finding and fixing errors.

This is how you get access to the beta branch (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK):
Right-Click on Avorion in your Steam list, Properties -> Betas -> Select branch 'beta'.

Scripting API
  • Added a script component for ShipSystem
  • Renamed Engine.brakeThrust to Engine.reverseThrust
  • Plans can now be loaded from design files as well
  • Implemented shortcut keys for strategy mode orders
  • Increased ambient brightness of neutral Editor further
  • Implemented taking special high-quality screenshots with Ctrl-Shift-F12
  • Notifications are now hidden in building mode when hovering the stats
  • Added block count to turret building ui
  • Fixed an issue where turret designs that don't fit on their base couldn't be edited
  • Fixed an issue where players would enter build mode with the current ship when exiting turret building mode of a remote ship
  • When transforming blocks in building mode invalidated turrets are now removed
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial could get stuck when mining the highlighted asteroid without selecting it
  • Fixed an issue where AI turns too soon, bumping into stuff
  • Fixed AI-Controlled ships braking way too soon
  • Fixed thread names not being entered correctly into DebugInfo

Developer Update

Hey everyone,

We're happy to announce that we'll be at Gamescom in Cologne with most of the team in late August (21.-25.). We're hoping to see many of you there!

Until then, we'll continue fixing bugs to get Combat Update Part II ready for the stable release. We're also working on a new update concerning the system upgrades, which will, among other things, contain a specialization of the Xsotan artifacts so different artifacts will give you different bonuses.

So long, have fun!

Beta Branch Patch 0.18.1 Patchnotes

Beta Branch Note: These changes are currently available on the beta branch. The beta branch is for testing experimental changes and for finding and fixing errors.

This is how you get access to the beta branch (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK):
Right-Click on Avorion in your Steam list, Properties -> Betas -> Select branch 'beta'.

"Building your own turrets on edge blocks is now possible! This feature was delayed a little since it was more complex that we initially thought."
  • Added Edge Turret Base block
Strategy Mode
"Made the strategy mode a little more user-friendly, and making it a little more RTS-like."
  • Implemented command buttons in strategy state
  • Adjusted grid size and scale step in turret building mode
  • Minimum zoom when building a turret is now closer
  • Renamed "Saved Ships" to "Saved Designs"
  • Increased intensity of the neutral editor's ambient light
Scripting API
  • Added getTurretTemplateSize() to Entity script functions
  • Added a "onAIStateChanged" callback for entities
  • Added a "autoRotationSpeed" variable for PlanDisplayer UI elements to configure rotation speed
  • Fixed securing values resetting all script values to nil when another script crashes the VM
"Thanks to the automatic crash reporter, we've been getting lots and lots of good data on crashes, but sometimes it just isn't quite enough. So we've been adding more output to find the reasons for those crashes. This is nothing that you will notice in particular, but I felt like mentioning it because it's a big priority and time investment for us."
  • Improved debug output to find causes to several more crashes
"Bugfixes marked with [UBR] are, as always, User Bug Reports, ie. bugs reported to us by users. Thanks everybody for reporting and helping us improve the game! Keep it up!"
  • Fixed a crash when reloading weapon meshes
  • Fixed a startup issue for dedicated servers
  • [UBR] Fixed coaxial turret building mode crashing when compatibility shaders are enabled
  • [UBR] Fixed crash related to the turret building state
  • Fixed scaling a turret part not correctly updating part positions
  • Fixed a crash when a TurretDesign item is clicked but the design wasn't loaded yet
  • Fixed a crash in turret rendering for coaxial weapons
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where turret templates could get their size from a turret design
  • Fixed several crashes in turret rendering
  • Fixed eventscheduler script being added multiple times to sectors
  • [UBR] Fixed 'Repair ship' sometimes deleting turrets
  • Fixed an issue where windows that don't work or work differently in turret building mode weren't hidden when switching to turret building mode
  • Scaling down a turret design that is too big now correctly scales rotation points and muzzle positions
  • Fixed some cases where custom turrets don't shoot out of their muzzles
  • Fixed an issue where turret brush wasn't rendered correctly when using compatibility shaders
  • The selected turret, instead of any turret, is now chosen when entering turret building mode

Beta Branch Patch 0.18 Patchnotes - Combat Update pt. II

We're ready to deploy the first public build of the Combat Update II. We've got some more polishing and tweaking to do, but we want you to try out the build so we can fix errors and adjust things.
Have fun!

Beta Branch Note: These changes are currently available on the beta branch. The beta branch is for testing experimental changes and for finding and fixing errors.

This is how you get access to the beta branch (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK):
Right-Click on Avorion in your Steam list, Properties -> Betas -> Select branch 'beta'.

Turret Building Mode
"We've finally implemented the option for you guys to make your own turret designs and give your turrets custom looks, matching the ship you're flying! Disclaimer: For a multitude of reasons, mostly balancing related (but also development scope) turret designs are purely visual."
  • Players can now design their own custom turrets
  • Turrets consist of three parts: base, body and barrel
    • The base is placed directly onto the ship
    • The body is connected to the base and can rotate horizontally
    • The barrel is connected to the body and can rotate vertically
    • These parts can be rotated to get a feel for the design
  • Players can also design their own custom coaxial guns
    • These consist only of a single part
  • Players can choose the size of their turret
Using Turret Designs
  • Turret designs can only be used on top of Turret Base blocks
    • Select a Turret Base block in building mode and press the "Enter Turret Design Mode" button
  • A ghost preview of all inactive designs is rendered in building mode
    • Place an actual turret on the desired Turret Base to activate the design
  • When editing an inactive turret design the side of the Turret Base block it is going to be built on is the one you are looking at
    • This side is highlighted when the Turret Base is selected
    • The ghost preview of the selected Turret Base is put on this side
Coaxial Guns
"We've still got some fine tuning to do with these, so please give us feedback!"
  • Weaponry that would take 5 slots or more, is considered coaxial weaponry
  • Coaxial weapons deal 3x the damage of normal weapons that would take the same amount of slots
  • Coaxial weapons are always rigid and cannot turn
Collision Damage
"We've tuned collision damage to make it feel more natural and less threatening. All in all, your ships should no longer just explode after hitting a small asteroid."
  • Added a threshold for collision damage
  • Collision damage is no longer directly applied to ship HP, but in relation to the blocks that are damaged
    • No more immediate death by collision, except for when your ship only consists of a handful of blocks
  • Collision damage is applied in a cone, potentially damaging interiors as well
  • All blocks have a structural integrity, which is a percentage of their health which is subtracted from incoming collision damage
    • Armor has a high structural integrity of 75% percent, meaning that an armor block with 1000 hp will always reduce its collision damage by 750 points
"Several adjustments to the workshop, especially considering the uploading of turret desings and ships including turret designs."
  • Added uploading of turret designs to the workshop
  • Ship Designs include their Turret Designs when uploaded to the workshop
"In order to make the end-game a little more interesting, all Xsotan ships in the center of the galaxy scale with the strength of the player(s)' ships."
  • Massively increased damage and reach of the mobile energy laboratory
  • Xsotan ships inside of the barrier remember the player's strength and send ships with higher firepower
  • Added a 50% chance of getting a lower-slot turret drop in high-level areas
  • Activating the teleporter to the center spawns strong Xsotan ships
Client & Graphics
  • Updated Credits
  • Added a separate button for firing torpedoes (default: right-click)
  • Added a texture for Torpedo Storage Blocks
  • Added a neutral version of the editor with neutral lighting
    • The neutral version is only available when the game can be (and is) paused as to avoid confusion
    • The neutral version of the editor can be switched on and off
  • Renamed 'Saved Ships' window to 'Saved Designs' window
  • Reworked design of Saved Designs window to use less buttons but instead a right-click context menu
  • Added a folder structure to 'Saved Designs' window
  • Added a prominent [Game Paused] message
  • Added a dark background to error and info message on the bottom right
  • Improved performance of Saved Designs window by creating thumbnails for ships
  • Uploading to the workshop shows better error messages
  • Saved designs window now no longer shows unknown files
  • Galaxy Map Improvements
    • Fixed markers not getting deleted on empty sectors (except when manually tagged by a player)
    • Fixed old ships still being visible in old markers, even though they're with you
  • Added folders to the Saved Designs Window
  • Improved handling of Double-Click
  • Made color of untrained crewmen brighter
  • Added french community translation of Avorion
    • Thanks to 'Ribosome' for administrating the french translation!
Scripting API
  • Added a new TurretDesign class
  • Added a dbg function to give players CoAx Guns Guns Guns
  • Implemented a script variable check to disable transfer of entities through wormholes or gates
    • Setting the value called "untransferrable" to true prevents the entity from travelling through wormholes or gates
  • Implemented a script function check to disable transfer of entities through wormholes or gates
  • Added better translation handling of several plurals, more to come
  • Renamed several instances of "Unknown Ship" to "Xsotan Ship"
"Most bugfixes have been added in the 0.17.X update, but that doesn't mean you should stop keeping them coming! All user bug reports are marked with [UBR], as usual!"
  • [UBR] Fixed energy suppressor satellite tooltip
  • Fixed turrets making sounds in strange places
  • Fixed an issue where the keys for mirroring a plan in BlockTemplateBrush were hardcoded
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue with the splash screen not showing correctly
  • [UBR] Shooting down your own torpedoes is only possible for torpedoes targeting the shooting ship
  • [UBR] Fixed several crashes related to Turret AI and automatic targeting
  • Fixed a crash when enabling the debug text output
  • Fixed a crash in EnergyTab when player is not inside a ship
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where hails couldn't be reliably answered with Return key without opening chat window
  • Fixed a script crash when trader stations have too many goods for the UI
  • Fixed a script hang when trying to transfer goods with neutral/unowned ships
  • Fixed explore sector mission hanging sometimes with no sector to explore
  • Fixed an issue when spawning persecutors in sectors with objects without owner
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where player owned ships fired torpedoes without launcher blocks
  • Fixed several issues with quality of font rendering

News: New look for the official forum!

Today the new look for our official Avorion Forum goes live! Check it out here[www.avorion.net]

This is, of course, only a visual update, your posts and post history are unchanged by it.
I hope you like the new design as much as we do! It features a more modern design and proper mobile support!

In case you miss the old design you can change it back. Just go to your profile and find the option “look and layout” under the section "modify profile". Click on it and change the current theme to "Avorion".

Parallel to the new design for the forum we continued working on the Combat Update part II. It still needs a bit of polishing and testing, but it’s looking really good!

Have a nice day!